Custom GPS Map Development

InVision GIS can collect, create, and build custom maps, including those for small properties.  In addition, we can bring your custom map back into your Trimble or Garmin GPS unit.


In this hunting ranch example, we developed the data that gives hunters clear symbology to find the hunting stands.  This custom hunting map is easily imported into a Garmin unit (Garmin Colorado/Oregon/Dakota/Montana handheld series, a newer model in the GPSMap series [the 78 series marine models and the handheld 62 series models], the eTrex 20/30 models, the Rino 600 series models, the Astro 300 series, and the Edge 800).   Your custom hunting map gives those who are not familiar with the area an easy way to find their way around.  You still have to find your own game!

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