Electric Utility

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It is essential to understand the unique characteristics of an electric utility and the fundamental role GIS can play when managing the utility.  Through GIS, InVision can model the electric utility using a geometric network.  A geometric network is critical for editing infrastructure and maintaining flow in the system.  Electric systems have unique flow characteristics.  Due to these unique characteristics, there are third-party applications that handle electric flow and changes due to switching.  InVision is experienced implementing these applications, such as Telvent’s ArcFM.   These applications can be used to quickly trace upstream and downstream to the nearest protective device.  In addition, a geometric network provides a transition to an electric modeling system.

InVision also strategically builds an electric GIS, which can include a GIS-centric work order system, while bearing in mind the future needs of the organization. GIS-centric work order systems allow users to have a powerful spatial component, which are not found in more common flat-file systems.  Your work order system will provide a tool for analysis, budgeting, and tracking state requirements.  Instead of a paper map on the wall, a GIS-centric work order system allows you to create work orders from the map, and also allows you to select features on the map and find related work orders.  After selecting features on the map, you can create work orders for preventive maintenance with a map attached.

InVision is creating this powerful electric GIS for the Town of Estes Park, Colorado.

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