• Water utility geometric network used to supply the water modeling software
  • Electric utility geometric network capable of tracing and finding the nearest protective device
  • ArcSDE on SQL Server implementation with versioning and archiving
  • Hunting maps created with quick upload to Garmin GPS Basemaps
  • Wastewater network linked to GIS-Centric work order system for basin jetting
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InVision GIS is a consulting firm that believes in personal and efficient service.  We work with you to provide powerful GIS solutions that will complement your business processes.  Through our personal communication and collaborative business approach you receive straightforward advice and consulting.  We spend our effort on results and output that become integral to your day-to-day operations.

InVision GIS provides services for small utilities, local governments, and private enterprise.  Our areas of expertise include providing services for water, wastewater, and electric utilities, building custom data models unique to each utility.  We specialize in secure SQL Server ArcSDE implementations using versioning and archiving.  Our custom training provides service support for any level of GIS implementation.